jueves, 22 de junio de 2017

Les liasons dangereuses (Roger Vadim, 1959)

R. Vadim se casó con Brigitte Bardot & Jane Fonda; dirigió Barbarella
Les liasons dangereuses no es la favorita de muchos, pero se filmó a finales de los 50.
Estaban pasando muchas cosas cabronas en el jazz. La película, basada en una novela del 1782, cogió pon con Art Blakey & Thelonious Monk
The film centers around Valmont and Juliette de Merteuil, a married couple who aid each other in pursuing extramarital affairs. "Pannonica" scores the scene in which Valmont first meets Cécile, the young woman who becomes his newest pursuit. As their eyes meet, the music enters. While Monk's dissonant blue notes suggest Valmont's darker character, saxophonist Charlie Rouse truly sets the tone for the song, tapping into his tenor's reedier sonorities to underscore Valmont's seedy intentions. "Pannonica" hints at the delight and despair to come, as Monk's twisting blend of bitter melancholy and sweet romance sets the tone for the rest of the film and the rest of the score. Vía NPR

Dangerous Liasons; dirigida por Roger Vadim: