viernes, 5 de mayo de 2017

Latin@ Rising, una antología de ci fi y fantasía latina

Disponible aquí y en Librería La Tertulia (VSJ)
Science fiction and fantasy are uniquely able to deal with the expressions of migration in that they are generally dependent on the existence of at least two worlds, and it is immigration that puts these worlds in contact. Science fiction theorist Darko Suvin observes that it is "a voyage to a new locus" that creates the novum (the new element) of a science fiction story (71). And while the relationship between migration and the genres is important in understanding what is going on in Latin@ science fiction and fantasy, readers will find a host of themes in this anthology. A number of the stories are politically oriented while some would be better described as psychological tales. Some focus on community-specific issues while some have nothing that could be identified as specifically Latin@. All are excellent stories that maintain the wonder and astonishment that only science fiction and fantasy can offer. Punto.*

*Matthew David Goodwin, editor de la antología.