martes, 3 de enero de 2017

Cheetara (Ted Wolf, 1985-1989)

"When the time of Lion-O's Anointment Trials came, it was Cheetara's task, as the fastest of the ThunderCats, to try Lion-O in speed. Lion-O knew he could not beat Cheetara in a race, and so took a dangerous western route as an alternative. Already miles ahead of Lion-O, Cheetara ran into the Mutants, who pursued her on land and underwater. Luckily Panthro arrived in the Thundertank to assist the outnumbered Cheetara. Cheetara was ahead by a mile and two thirds, eventually coming face to face with Lion-O, they raced alongside one another to the finish of their race. Lion-O knew he could not win the race in this way, but his sheer determination allowed him to. Lion-O at first believed Cheetara had let him win, something which offended her, as the code of Thundera forbade such action. The distance they ran actually exhausted Cheetara's super speed, and she told him that his determination not to lose had allowed him to win the race." -- Vía