lunes, 22 de diciembre de 2014

Radiolaria Index: ilustración digital & biología

Descubrí estas imágenes aquí. Son piezas de Chaotic Atmospheres. Hay referencias al arte de Ernst Haeckel. Solamente puse tres, de la colección 'Radiolaria Index', ilustración científica & especulativa. No representan organismos reales; estos fueron 'topologically rendered'.

"I've been requested by Neonmob (a trading-card social network), to make a big set of more than 100 pictures. As I had freedom on the subject, I searched for base shapes that I could vary sufficiently so there’d be a relationship, and yet each shape would be different from all the others. I ended up representing an index of fake radiolaria inspired by SEM imagery and the incredibly detailed illustrations of Ernst Haeckel. I've started only with geometric base shapes in TopMod, a topological mesh modeling software (although it’s no longer developed, this free, useful software has unique functionality). I then took these shapes into Cinema 4D for fine tuning and rendering, and finalized the image in Photoshop."