martes, 25 de noviembre de 2014


The American transport ship Seneca, a chartered vessel that carried troops to Puerto Rico and Cuba. 
Yeah. I'm Puertorro. If you white, 
You probably don't know I'm a citizen 
Of the USA; my passport says so.

Yeah. I'm Boricua. From the big island 
Of a small Caribbean archipiélago.
Bred and born. Criau. Never left; always planning to.

Boricua. From Borikén. Which is taíno for good natured.
But I'm not. Soy un hijeputa. Forever a punk. I'm an asshole.
Better yet. Even worse: I'm a dick too big for your asshole.

Yeah. Puertorro means that we were given US citizenship
Cause bodies were needed for the World War effort.

     Me lo

Yeah. Puertorro means that I dream in Spanglish.
Fuck you, gringo. I never asked for English.
Thank you, gringo. I needed Shakespeare.
Fuck you, gringo. I never asked for dreams in English.

Thank you, gringo. I know of your 
Beautiful perversity thanks to Allen Ginsberg;
I know how much you rock thanks to Bobby 'Blue' Bland.

Fuck you very much for the 
116 years of Stockholm syndrome.