domingo, 14 de julio de 2013

Strange Fruit (Holiday, 1939)

In "God's Country", That Is, The USA (N. Kogout, 1930)
"The thousands who gathered last spring in New York, in St. Louis, in Philadelphia, in Miami, and in Washington, D.C., to demand Zimmerman’s arrest shared a narrative and an understanding of the past’s grip on the present. Long before the horrifying images of Martin lying prone and lifeless in the grass ever made their way to Gawker, he’d already begun to inspire references to the line about “blood on the leaves” from Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit.” Those crowds were the response of people who understand that history is interred in the shallowest of graves."
Las palabras son de Jelani Cobb en George Zimmerman, Not Guilty: Blood on the leaves (The New Yorker, 13 de julio del 2013). Hoy amanecí con el veredicto del juicio; compré Strange Fruit por iTunes; y colgué este documental de PBS sobre la canción: