jueves, 9 de mayo de 2013

Oscillate (Sierra, 2013)

"This wave pattern occurs often in nature, including ocean wavessound waves, and light waves."
"The concept of universal building blocks that can be assembled to form complex structures is something I find very exciting and alluring. Sound follows this concept in that any sound, for example a snare drum or a human voice, can be deconstructed as the summation of varying sine waves; hence making sine waves the building blocks of sound so to speak. This concept, which comes from the Fourier Series (named after Joseph Fourier) was the inspiration for my thesis, "Oscillate". Conveying this concept through the animation of sine waves proved to be ideal, as there is a certain mesmerizing quality to periodic motion. Whether in the hypnotizing swing of a pendulum or the waves of an ocean, periodic motion can often have a very relaxing and trance-inducing effect on us."--Daniel Sierra. 
El siguiente video--son poco más de cuatro minutos de duración--fue una tesis de Daniel Sierra; un requisito para la School of Virtual Arts, Computer Art MFA. Se usaron los siguientes programas: Houdini (para la animación), Reason (sonido) y After Effects (final render):

OSCILLATE from Daniel Sierra on Vimeo.