martes, 14 de junio de 2011

My First Time with Obama {redux}

My First Time with Obama (Osvaldo Budet, 2008)
Obama's flying fortress touches boricua soil - a landing strip riddled with gallinas de palo. Obama waves. It is awesome. I love his smile. Obama is a cool cat. Fortuño is not. Marc Anthony is a douche. Santini sucks ass. Marc Anthony hugged Obama. The name of the air base is Muñiz. The name of the airport is Luis Muñoz Marín; el aeropuerto internacional Luis Muñoz Marín, en Isla Verde, en la Baldorioty, en Carolina - puñeta. A horde of news famished reporters is visible - while Obama prepares for his message:

"Buenas Tardes. It is good to be back in Puerto Rico."

The crowd roars in amazement and star struckedness. He begins with a whole lot of shout outs. Even Bhatia gets one. Obama's back must be drenched in delicious sweat. He took of su gabán.

*[Suddenly, my TV launches me to el fucking Capitolio y el mierdero de fetichismo abanderado en las escalinatas. ¿Ivonne y Jorge? Le di muy para atrás al DVR y me tiró a media hora antes.]*

He dropped 'boricuas'. Electricity. A volatile word. Just like nigger. Race is always an issue. He's cool, collected, and well aware of what that word is: a tool for a discourse that is rapidly loosing steam - nationalism. Barea, not surprisingly, leaps out of this behemoth of a tongue. El cabrón es listo con cojones. Sabe que al boricua le gusta el básquet. He also uses war - as a subject - in his sweat drenched, and beautifully paced rhetoric. He talks about Juan Castillo, un veterano de la guerra de Korea; vivo y con más de cien años. From here, he takes us to contemporary efforts of the North American War Machine. He mentions the Middle East. I do not like war, but it was a nice gesture. He knows that thousands have died for his country - thousands of boricuas, puertorriqueños, 'ricans etc. He speaks of sacrifice, the will to put yourself in harm's way for [insert ideology here]; something that is as "american as apple pie or arroz con gandules". El discurso se perfila como triunfo neo-nacionalista. He uses the word aspiration and speaks of our problems as something that also affects the american psyche. Texas, California and Indiana are dropped in his speech. He basically spoke of the middle class - a group that is dwindling quickly in our cultural makeup. We are in serious trouble; those huge states are en las papas al lao de un desempleo de casi el 20%. But he also spoke of unemployment and gave props to the Ballajá gesture - giving a dash of optimism and hope.

He used the words 'dreams', 'security' and 'Puerto Rico'.

Vamos a ver como la clase política de la #IsladeDios va a re-leer el breve discurso.